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Click2Teach French Stage 1 (Year 3)BeCreative--TeachByStory
Summer 1: The Hungry GiantStarter Games--Medium Term Plan--French Upskilling
French_Flag-717.png S1.Sum.1: The Hungry Giant
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Summer 1 - Hungry Giant
Lesson 1
I can remember fruits and 
1. vocab-501.png Fruit and veg Look. Listen. Repeat. Pause after 4 pictures. Recall. Repeat with next 4 items.
2. Memory test Brainstorm in pairs the fruit and veg from powerpoint. How many can they remember? 
3. vocab-662.png Fruit and veg Look. Listen. Read aloud as a class. Say to partner.Add an action for each item. 
4. task-417.png Fruit and Veg Gallery sheet or PLUS Draw the written fruits and vegetables

Lesson 2
I can play games with vegetable       
and fruit words
1. games-651.png Fruit and Veg word search on screen find the words 
2. vocab-889.png Fruit and veg - recap key fruits and veg.Share actions from lesson 1. Pick best actions for class
3. games-901.png Fruit and vegetables splat Play the game on screen. Winner stays on for next challenger. 

Lesson 3
I can remember words for 
breakfast foods
1. games-354.png Fruit and vegetables splat Play game on screen. Team game. Swap players each time.
2. video-614.png Breakfast video clip (transcript) - Watch part one. Listen. Say with actions.
3. vocab-530.png Breakfast foods Play again. End of video - Class or pair memory game with words.
4. games-484.png Fruit and veg quizlet game recap the words by playing in ‘learn’ mode

Lesson 4 

I can recognise nouns 
for breakfast foods
1. mindfulness-969.png Garden Mindfulness - Practise breathing using the video (transcript)
2. games-695.png Breakfast foods wordsearchfind words in the word search
3. games-180.png Breakfast Beetle Drive - Print off - Table or pair game
4. task-782.png Breakfast and fruits match it sheet or PLUS match the correct words with pictures

Lesson 5 

I can ask politely for an item
1. games-420.png Breakfast and fruit memory moment game - Follow instructions. Children need a partner. Play as a whole class.
2. vocab-732.png Giants asking politely - Prepare for the "Giant Story". Listen. Repeat. Say in best "Giant" voices 
3. games-715.png Don’t wake the giant Play the game with the whole class a couple of times
4. task-486.png Hungry Giant draw it or PLUS requests from hungry giant drawn in books or sheet.

Lesson 6 

I can understand and enjoy 
a story
1. story-120.png Hungry giant story - Read through the story with the class and play audio. Spot the fruit and veg - How many can you remember?
2. games-686.png Hungry giant board game print one per table, need counters for each player and a dice - follow instructions.
3. task-665.png Hungry giants footsteps sheet or PLUS students to write a sentence