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 Spring Term 1 Stage 2 (Year 4) - Spring Term
"Family tree and faces"

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Starter routines 
Spring 1a - Epiphany time again
Lesson 1
I can recall some months of the year
1. games-329.pngCommands quizlet game - Recap commands on screen
2. story-171.pngEpiphany story - Read along and learn about Spanish New Year
3. task-761.pngMissing months  - Show on screen & children write answers in their books
4. games-342.pngMonths word search - Complete the word search as a whole class on screen

Spring 1b - Meet the Alien Family
Lesson 2 
I can say 4 family nouns in Spanish
1. mindfulness-703.pngGeese Mindfulness Video - Watch, listen to instructions and practise breathing (transcript)
2. story-122.png
Alien Family Story with audio - Play slides, play audio and get class to repeat family members
3. games-634.pngFamily snap game Print set of cards, 2 sets per table, play family snap with nouns
4. task-770.pngUn-muddle it task - Show on screen, children to un-muddle and write in books

Lesson 3 

I can write 4 family nouns 
in Spanish

1. mindfulness-516.pngGeese Mindfulness Video - Watch, listen to instructions and practise breathing (transcript)
2. story-892.pngAlien Family Story with audio - Show slides, play audio and get class to read aloud family phrases
3. task-690.pngAlien family tree - Show on screen & children write answers in their books
3. games-233.pngFamily nouns Snake Wordsorter Game - Show on screen. Play as class. Find the family nouns. 

Lesson 4 
I can read and say 4 face 
part nouns in Spanish

1. video-911.pngNative Speaker Video (transcript) - Watch all the video and play game 
2. games-690.pngMatch it game - Play game on screen, students to copy into their books
3. games-195.pngFace Quizlet Game - Match face parts, play as a class, create a competition
4. games-540.png
'Simon says' face parts game - (Slide 10)Using key words, shout out or use audio file   

Lesson 5 

I can write some face parts
nouns in Spanish

1. mindfulness-992.pngMindfulness Geese video - Watch video and practise breathing (transcript)
2  video-568.png
Native speaker video - Recap face parts in part 1
3. games-658.pngFace parts word search - As a class see how quickly you can complete the activity
4. task-391.pngDraw it task Print one per student, draw and colour body parts

Lesson 6 

Assessment- Check for learning

1. Assessment-550.pngPuzzle it out assessment Print slides 1 & 2 for each child
2. task-191.pngListening activity transcript - Print off one sheet for teacher
3. plannin_g-234.pngListening activity sound file   - Play for task 2 listening activity
4. task-466.pngBenchmark objectives Use to mark students work, to determine if they have 'met' or 'exceeded'