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Summer 1: The Hungry GiantStarter Games--Medium Term Plan--French Upskilling
French_Flag-717.png S1.Sum.1a: The Hungry Giant
How to use TeachByStory 

story-711.png The Hungry Giant Story 


The Hungry Giant Story with audio – Story slides 
about a sleepy giant who wakes up wants his 
breakfast. Breakfast consists of quantities of 
fruits and vegetables with polite request phrase. 
Potential to learn and perform as a class assembly.

 Possible core language practise 
Nouns for fruits
Nouns for vegetables
Numbers 1-7
Polite request: I would like …. Please

 Grammar focus 

Nouns and definite articles

 Resources to practise language 
games-312.png Hungry Giant Board Game / plannin_g-909.png Game Instructions
games-556.png Quiz Quiz Swap Guessing Game Cards
games-720.png Fruit bingo sheets
vocab-616.png Fruit and vegetables with audio
games-706.png Don’t wake the sleeping giant game 
vocab-616.png Giant asking politely activity
 Follow up sheets 
task-148.png Fruit and veg art gallery sheet /  PLUS
task-568.png Hungry Giant’s footsteps sheet /  PLUS
 Talk and write 
task-398.png Change the character and create the 
breakfast of a different “hungry” character