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Primary Languages SoW
 Primary French SoW     
Choice of three KS2 French curriculums to suit the skills and experience of teachers:
Click2Teach   BeCreative   ByStory      
 Primary Spanish SoW     
Choice of three KS2 Spanish curriculums to suit the skills and experience of teachers:
Click2Teach  BeCreative  ByStory   
Primary German SoW    
Lesson plans and resources over 4 years 

Teaching Resources
KS1 SoW (Fre & Spa)        
Videos, stories, songs and games for Early Years 

 Seasonal Specials     
EDoL, Armistice, Halloween, Xmas,  etc .. 

 Cross Curricular       
Art, Dance & Drama, PE, Well Being, ICT etc .. 

 Songs and Games       
Over 500 online games and songs  

 Try Another Language        
Improve your pupils language learning skills  

Subject Planning
Tracking & Assessment        
Assessment Benchmarks, AfL Clouds, Marking sheets, Puzzle it out, Class Spreadsheets etc

 MFL Coordinator Tools        
School Policies, SoW Documentation, Implentation Planning  etc

Staff Training
Online Training Courses      
French, Spanish, Pedogogy & Coordinator courses 

 Primary Languages CPD        
Archive of PLN training courses with resources 
Extra Options
Secure User Files      
Your school's private storage area on the VLE 

 Mobile VLE APP        
Get the VLE App on your phone or tablet 
Network Support
Help and Support          
Contact details, help guides and videos 

 Network Meetings & Webinars        
Archive of presentations and Webinar recordings 
Upcoming CPD
Primary Languages Conference        
27/06/19 - Lymm, Cheshire - Limited availability 

 Autumn Term CPD       
Dates and venues to be confirmed